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In the year 2000, Doral Conservatory and School of the Arts, made the commitment to foster the Arts and Culture in a community called Doral, in Miami, Florida. Today, this wonderful city has a warm and energetic population of more than twenty thousand, and this center serves as a landmark of this wonderful town.

With this same energy and dedication, Doral Conservatory and School of the Arts, has received many awards for its quality programs and services that include Pre-School in the morning hours, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Music.

When they opened their doors they welcomed children and adults feeling great passion for Arts and Music. They obtained almost immediate recognition when the center was awarded the “Successful Business” label from the Tallahassee Capitol during its first year. The partners evolved the project into this wonderful haven where students can free their spirits and creativity to become wholesome human beings.

Today, Doral Conservatory and School of the Arts operates in a beautiful 4,000 sq. ft. location, with a staff of professionals specialized in their fields allowing them to offer quality programs to all their students.



The Doral Conservatory and School of the Arts is devoted to the study and practice of Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. We offer first-rate education that gives students advanced skills with professional faculty who mastered their craft and teach from the heart.

The Future Sounds Good


Doral Conservatory plans to continue to expand their programs. Being the epicenter of the Arts in Doral, the goal is to expand the reach of the conservatory by incorporating new programs of a variety of instruments, levels, and techniques. 

4009 NW 79 Ave Doral, FL 33166 |

Phone: 305 744 1471 / 786 580-4931

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